Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fantastic Site!

I love to bake and cook but perhaps one of my passions is sewing.  I absolutely love to sew!  There is something about taking scraps of fabric and turning it into something, fun, useful, beautiful, or just plain interesting that fascinates me.  When my husband was in graduate school I often did a homemade Christmas and I loved it.  I have to admit adding 2 kids and more money kind of got me out of the habit.  But this year I was thinking of doing it again.  Then while I was looking at Chocolate on My Cranium, one of my favorite blogs I lurk on, I saw a link to this site called "Skip to my Lou: Gifts you can Sew" and had to click.  I am now in LOVE and VERY motivated to do a homemade Christmas  The best part was the link to other blogs with fun ideas as well.  Now to narrow down what I am doing.

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