Thursday, January 6, 2011

Santa's Workshop

This is what my parents always called their homemade projects prior to Christmas.  "I am going to be doing Santa's Workshop" was a common phrase.  Let's just say this year was big on Santa's workshop -- and I should add, low on house cleaning.  My friend Valerie once said that "you can either have a clean house or do projects, you can't have both."  While there are some that are organized enough to do both, I am not.  Anyway, on to projects, almost all are inspired or direct copies of others, my very best skill.

 I have a BIL that is an IT person so I found these phrases at and thought they'd be perfect for them.  I then cut the vinyl with my Silhouette and put them on painted boards.  I especially love the pixels one.  Found a great dotted font and removed some of the dots.

We had a 3 year old cousin this year and when I saw this Princess in the Pea set at Sewing in No Man's Land  I knew I was making it for her.  We are also using it as a learn to sew lesson since it is so simple.  One note, don't fill the pillows too much or they don't stack as well.

I did these for my mom who decorates her Dining Room table for each month.  I this could be a fun addition.  I originally got the idea with the Along Came a Spider picture from a Halloween Print at Serving Pink Lemonade and it went from there.  Once again, I love my Silhouette.

I made one of these Menu Boards for me a while back and had a SIL and a sister that both mentioned they needed to figure out a way of doing menus so I made one for them, which was especially helpful since we had them for Christmas.

I also made them each a Family Home Evening Chart that I adapted from the Chore Chart at How Does She.

And finally, (not including the Pj's and the Christmas Dresses) I made a felt fishing set from U Create  for both my nephews and one for my 18 month old.

You'd think by now I'd be tired of sewing, but, honestly, now I just want to sew some more.  Aprons?  Cute skirts for my girls? The robes for my 2 oldest that I bought the fabric for and ran out of time to make. 

That said, before I do anything, my sewing room HAS to be cleaned!!!

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