Monday, November 15, 2010

Chocolate Carmeled Cookies

I can not take credit for this recipe, my 7 year old son dreamed this up with his friend the other day and I came into the kitchen in the middle of them making it.  I have to say, they came up with a delicious recipe.  Basically, it is a twist on Rice Krispie treats.  The name is also a result of my son as he named them.

The Concoction (printer friendly)
4 C miniature marshmallows
1 C chocolate chips
10 caramels, unwrapped & quartered
1/2 C coconut
2 T butter
5 C corn or rice check
1/3 C whole almonds

1. In a large microwave bowl combine the marshmallows, chocolate chips, caramels, coconut, and butter.

Microwave for about 2 minutes.  Keep an eye on it so it doesn't go over the bowl.

2. Meanwhile, chop the almonds.
3. When the marshmallow mixture is done, stir it and add the Chex.  After it is mixed well, sprinkle with chopped almonds and stir again.
4. Place spoonfuls on wax paper and allow them to cool (if you can wait that long).  Makes about 2 doz.

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cooperkelly4 said...

how fun! Thanks for sharing. I also have all the material to make those flour mats you posted on awhile back for christmas gifts. =0)


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