Saturday, April 17, 2010

Old Fashioned to Modern

As most everyone knows we recently moved into a new home, which I love.  However some of the decorating was very much not my style.  For the living room, the glaring problem was the window treatments which were a little old fashioned for my taste.
This is actually the dining room on the other end of the living room, but I couldn't find a "before" LR photo.  Notice the lovely lace curtains and antiqued gold rod.  Two things that would be lovely in someone elses home but doesn't work for mine. 

The biggest obstacle for me was the rods, They were in excellent condition, but I didn't like how they looked.  I mentioned this to my sister who suggested "spray paint them, If it looks bad you are out nothing."  It just so happened I had spray paint in the color I wanted so I immediately set to the task of painting.  First I had to find someplace to stick the rods so they would stay stood up.  I realized I still had the styrofoam the lamps for our LR came in so I used that along with wrapping some of my husbands large screwdrivers with painters tape and propped them up in the foam.
I should note, I did not ask my husband to use the screwdrivers, I was too afraid he would say no.

Then I stuck the rods on the screwdrivers, and for one of them that didn't have an open end and was the inner rod, I stuck the end that would go in the other half of the rod into the foam itself.  I also stuck all the finials (sp??) into the foam to spray as well.
Aren't they nice and shiny and golden??  Notice one of the finials did not want to come off so it got sprayed while attached.
I must admit I really love the shape of this finial that is for the Dining Room

Next I took some brown spray paint and sprayed them all, being careful not to spray too heavily at one time in one place so the paint didn't run.  And about 1 hour later, voile!

Painted rods and

finials - this is the LR finial

All I had left to do was to hang the curtains I bought at Target on the "new" rods and suddenly I had a room that felt like me.

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