Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dried Beans

 A while back I mentioned using beans I had cooked from dried and frozen.  I freeze them in portions sizes equal to canned beans since most recipes call for canned beans.  The measurements are listed at the end.  You can do this with any dried beans you want except Kidney beans.  Apparently they have some issues, I just buy them canned.  Here is the process I use.  First sort the beans, removing the undesirable items like:
Split Beans

Shriveled &/or discolored Beans

And Rocks, yes I said rocks.

Next, place in a crockpot with 2x's the water as beans.  Or just fill the crockpot about 1/2 way with beans and then fill with water to the top.  

Allow to sit over night.  Dump water (makes the beans less gassy), and refill with water about 1 " over the beans.   Add about 1 tsp salt.  Make sure you add salt unless you buy unsalted beans, beans are like pasta & rice, no amount of salting will help if they aren't cooked in salt.  Set on high for about 1-2 hours to get the cooking process speeding along, and reduce to low and let cook for 8-10 hours.   The lower in elevation you are the less time you need and the higher the more time you need.

When soft, place in the refrigerator overnight to cool.  Then place in qt freezer bags. 
It is best to freeze the beans with some some juice so the beans don't dry out.  There is approx 1 1/4 C beans and 1/4 C juice in a can of beans.  Make sure to remove as much of the air as possible before closing the bag, it will help prevent freezer burn. 

You can use these beans as you would any canned beans, in casseroles and baked things or fresh.  They are delicious!


Pearl Girl said...

I am going to do this when I get my freezer cleaned out! Thanks. Oh I tried to do this once and make my own refried beans... I think I need some tips, have you done them?

nweames said...

Not yet, but I've thought about it.

National Cookie Network said...

This is really cool! I've never done much with beans other than buy them in cans because I always thought I had to can them and didn't know how. Never thought to freeze them!


Robin said...

Thanks Cuz, I just finished my black beans. I am SO excited. My parent's always made it seem like such a long tedious process. My freezer will soon be full of beans! If you need a recipe for black bean refried beans, I have a fabulous one, and VERY easy.


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