Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Meals for Feb 23-28

So I know this is really early compared to other posts, but someone just suggested a dinner on my GF recipe swap group that I must make next week and I didn't want to forget. So this is what I am planning -- subject to change, of course.

M - Salisbury Steak, buttered noodles & veggie (doesn't that sound yummy!)
T - White Chili & (hopefully) cornbread
W - Shepherd's Pie -- I have Activity Days and I can prepare this ahead of time, now just to do it.
T - Pigs in a Blanket -- Some friends and I swap our weekly menus and this was on a friends menu a few weeks back and it sounds so good now.
F - Fondue Night (I think) with cheese, broth/oil and chocolate courses -- we have a tentative Fondue night planned with two other families. We did this several weeks ago with one of the families and had such an enjoyable time we are doing it again and adding another family that loves fondue. I will make the cheese dish so it is GF and then we will remove some and place it in a soup thermos for my daughter to dip into. We will do this also for the chocolate dish. Then again, I might just invest in a Crockpot Little Dipper.
S - Leftovers

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Robin said...

Call me sometime and let me know how you do your fondue. I've always wanted to do it, but not sure how.


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