Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green Eggs & Ham

Yes, I'm finally back!  It has been a while, between getting the house ready to sell and selling it I have been running around crazy.  But I think life has slowed down enough and I am enough organized to actually do a post (or a few).  Yippee!!

Anyway, for St. Patrick's Day my kids wanted green eggs and ham for breakfast.  It has become somewhat of a tradition.  In the past I have just scrambled some eggs with green food coloring.  But I was out.  So I hunted and found this:
Betty Crocker Decorating Spray

I had bought it to decorate a cake a while back and decided to try it on eggs and it worked!  So I made "turned over and stomped on" (as my Grandmother called eggs fried hard) and then sprayed them with some of this spray to make them green.  Note: If you have a gas stove TURN OFF THE STOVE BEFORE SPRAYING OR YOU WILL HAVE A FIRE AND BE HURT!!!!!!  Luckily, I thought of this just before spraying but thought I'd pass it on if you are still half asleep when making the eggs.like I often am.  

Then I took some ham lunchmeat and "fried" it in the leftover bacon grease still in my egg pan.

I thought about spraying the ham, but I just couldn't stomach the thought of green ham.

And voile!  You have Green Eggs and Ham.

How do you make Green eggs and ham?

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