Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doll Makover

A few years ago we got our, then, 6 year old daughter a American Girl-like doll from Target.  She has loved it!  However, the hair on the doll was not the best.  Anyway, this year she chose to use her money from her grandmothers to buy a real American Girl doll and give the old one to her 3 year old sister for Christmas, to her delight.  The problem, this is what the doll's hair looked like:

Yes, this is photoshopped but my flash was acting wonky so I had to fix it as best I could.  Basically, you get the idea that the hair was BAD!

My Mother-in-law (who is the most amazing woman and one of my dearest friends), had an idea to get her new hair.  She let my daughter pick the new hair from (she chose "Modern Elegance" in red) and then she ordered it and this last weekend we went down and she replaced the hair.

First she (and my older daughter) cut all the bad hair off


Then she used a razor to get the hair cut as close as possible to the head

Then she used a razor blade to shave it even closer

In the end we had a bald doll

pretty cute still I have to say

Then she took put E600 glue on the doll's head and attached the wig

She had to remove a little of the bottom of the wig since it was a little too big

She then used some pins to hold the wig in place until the glue dried

The doll sat a little voodooed for a little while

In the end we had a brand new doll with hair that didn't rat horribly.

Pretty, isn't she?

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Carol said...

Makes her look totally different.


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