Tuesday, July 29, 2008

72-hour kits

So last night I actually put together 72-hour kits for my family. I put them together about 4 years ago but never updated. So one more child and much growing later, we are re-doing them and every LDS General Conference (in April & October) that will be our meals for the weekend so we don't throw out a huge garbage bag of food like we did last night.

So for Family Night we re-did them. I got all the food and we packaged it up assembly style. I had organized the food I had into a bag for each of the 3 meals for each for the 3 days. I then wrote their names on Gallon Ziploc Storage bags with a bag for each meal (B-1=breakfast first day, L-3=Lunch 2nd day, D-3= Dinner third day, etc.). I can't claim credit for the idea I got it from the "Stanford University Amatur Radio Emergency Service" which has taken down their site. You can find more info on 72-hour kits at the Red Cross, Homeland Security, FEMA, or a ton of other sites by googling "72-hour kits".

This is the second day lunch bag

For those who don't eat Gluten-free we used the following menu
Breakfast 1: Applesauce, Instant Oatmeal, Sm. Bottled Water, Juice Box
Lunch 1: Chef-Boy-R Dee Mac N Cheese, Granola Bar, Fruit Pkg, Capri Sun
Dinner 1: Canned Chili, Canned Veg, CapriSun
Breakfast 2: Applesauce, Instant Oatmeal, Sm. Bottled Water, Juice Box
Lunch 2: Granola Bar, Trail Mix, Fruit Pkg, Capri Sun
Dinner 2: Chef-Boy-R-Dee Mini Ravioli (sm micro & reg can size), Pudding, Fruit Pkg, CapriSun

Breakfast 3:
Applesauce, Instant Oatmeal, Sm. Bottled Water, Juice Box
Lunch 3: Cheese N Crackers, Granola Bar, Beef Jerky (lg pkg in husband's bag), Capri Sun
Dinner 3:
Soup (adults) & Chef-Boy-R-Dee Micro (kids), Pkg Fruit, CapriSun
Snacks: 2 Peanut butter & Crackers, 1 Granola Bar, 1 Oreo, 1 NutterButter, 1 Chips A-Hoy, 1 Raisins

Here is it all put together.

For my daughter, Karissa, who has Celiac Disease (basically an autoimmune disease that destroys the lining of the small intestine when a person consumes gluten -- wheat, rye, barley, and some oats-- causing them to become malnurished) has to have a gluten-free 72-hour kit. In addition to that she is allergic to dairy and peanuts. To save myself some hassle I bought one from my local (1-1/2 hours away) Gluten-Free store, Against the Grain -- love them!! They got the food and then I just had to organize it. I think that next time I will create my own, but I have their ideas now. This is what they put together:

Breakfast 1: Granola Bar, Vienna Sausages, Silk SoyMilk
Lunch 1: Starkist Chunk Tuna Pkg, Mayonnaise Pkg., Salt & Pepper, Ener-G Wheat-free Crackers (1 box to split for each lunch), Fruit Pkg., Cider Mix
Dinner 1: Chef Boy-R-Dee Rice w/Chicken & Veg, Canned Veg, Jello, Capri Sun
Breakfast 2: Granola bar, Vienna Sausages, Silk SoyMilk
Lunch 2: Crackers, Chix of Sea Pink Salmon Pkg., Mayonnaise Pkg., Salt & Pepper, Jello Pkg, Cider Mix
Dinner 2: Dinty Moore Beef Stew, Canned Veg, Kelloggs Fruit Snacks, Capri Sun
Breakfast 3: Granola Bar, Vienna Sausages, Silk SoyMilk
Lunch 3: Pkg Fish, Mayonnaise Pkg., Salt & Pepper, Crackers, Cider Mix
Dinner 3: Hormel Beans & Weiners, Canned Veg, Kelloggs Fruit Snacks, Capri Sun
Snacks:Dried Apricots, Ener-G Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ener-G Pretzels, Jam

UPDATE: I have since redone these and I made my own version that is more like the ones I made the rest of the family so we are eating similar things each meal plus my daughter is no longer dairy free so we have more choices.  You can see a printable list here.

Here is the Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Peanut-free 72-hour kit food.

Then we just put them in our backpacks. Brandon and I both have hiking backpacks and are going to keep ours in them When I find a good space that will hold it, I am going to add the sleeping bags to the stack.

Here they are all ready to go -- hopefully never to be used.

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Melissa said...

Good job updating your kit, and making a good plan for regularly updating it! Having recently gone dairy-free (lactose and casein), I updated my already gluten-free emergency stash to get rid of the things dairy. I also added some bottle of tonic water to my emergency bottled water stash to help me get through unintentional exposures to foods and meds when mine run out. This will be a great learning process for your kids, too, helping them help themselves to be more self-sufficient.

Next on my list: a go-box for my pets (a very large lizard, a teeny turtle and three tortoises).


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